The Philosopher's Spoon

Food and the Transformative Power of Gratitude
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The Philosopher's Spoon, the first book by Gina De Roma, is a cookbook and journal. Within the pages of The Philosopher's Spoon, you will discover thirty things to be thankful for, thirty delicious recipes to try and one hundred and fifty opportunities to become aware of the abundance in your own life.

Several years ago, the author found herself thirty pounds overweight.  Dieting wasn't working; in fact, she seemed to be slowly gaining more.  In The Philosopher's Spoon, Gina De Roma reveals how the practice of giving thanks every day transformed her relationship with food, her body and the world around her. 

And check out Gina's new book, Cooking and Mysticism: Year One of The Philosopher's Spoon Blog, a collection of posts and recipes from the inaugural year of her weekly blog.  Gina, an ethical omnivore, created the blog in 2010 as a resource for intellectually curious philosophers and foodies.  Click on the links above to explore both the new book and the blog.

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